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Xeriscaping (often incorrectly spelled zero-scaping or xeroscaping) is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates overwatering through a conventional irrigation system. It is promoted in regions that do not have easily accessible, plentiful, or reliable supplies of fresh water, and is gaining acceptance in other areas as access to water becomes more limited. Xeriscaping may be an alternative to various types of traditional gardening.

The bottom line is that water is Southern California is most precious resource and in danger because of climate change and difficulties with our state meeting demand.

Plus, water seems to be getting more expensive by the day and, according to the EPA, the average American household uses 320 gallons of water per day, over 30 percent of which is devoted to outdoor uses.

Households can cut back on water by implementing xeriscaping, a landscape philosophy that uses water-wise plants arranged in a manner that minimizes water usage.

Xeriscaping does the following:

  • Conserves water
  • Provides various attractive planting options
  • Presents minimal pest and disease problems
  • Thrives with little fertilization
  • Requires low pruning and maintenance
  • Saves valuable landfill space!
  • Saves MONEY

Tekton Group has a deep knowledge of the xeriscape process through experimentation and study. We are experts in the areas of plant choice, the use of hardscape materials, drip irrigation systems and in weaving these components into a successfully executed landscape.

Our professional landscape crew is knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and courteous. Each of our designs and installations is crafted to fit the needs, style and budget of our client. On projects big and small, we strive to satisfy our customer’s needs and goals while creating beautiful landscapes that are regionally appropriate and user friendly.